Salt by Hendrix is a Sydney-based Australian beauty brand who focus on natural, organic, plant-based beauty products that make you feel amazing and naturally are good for your skin. From face masks to scrubs and serums, you can enjoy the luxury spa experience at home. Not only do Salt by Hendrix products make not only your skin shine, but they are also natural and free of harmful chemicals, and they smell as good as they feel. At Peppermayo, we stock a wide selection of Salt by Hendrix products that we can ship straight to your door, so you can enjoy them in your own home.

Skin Oil is a Beauty Blogger Fave

One of the most popular items in the Salt by Hendrix range is their skin oil. Adding a skin oil to your skincare routine is a great way to add more moisture to your skin, and it leaves you with a healthy glow. Salt by Hendrix has a range of skin oils, some designed for your face and some for your body, all of which have a beautiful scent and leave soft, supple skin.

Peppermayo is now stockists of Salt by Hendrix, so you can get your hands on this beauty blogger fave and get it delivered to addresses across Australia.

Use a Salt by Hendrix Skin Roller daily

Salt by Hendrix’s jade rollers are another skincare essential you’ll want to keep in your skincare collection. When you apply a product such as a moisturiser or a face mask, you use the roller all over your face to blend it in perfectly.

Jade rollers are also said to stimulate the skin and help it keep a healthy look, due to the pressure increases blood flow naturally to your face. When used in your skincare routine, they can help you look like a natural babe.

Skincare Serums and Elixirs that suit your skin type

Salt by Hendrix offers a range of products that are suitable for all skin types. For example, their botanical facial serums suit pretty much everyone and are a great way to get vitamin C into your skincare routine. Also, try products such as their eliminating elixir, which comes recommended by beauty bloggers and finishes off your skin with a little sparkle. Use it on either the face or body to give you the look you want.

Salt by Hendrix is always expanding their range, so make sure you bookmark the page and keep coming back to see when new products are launched.

Skincare made for you

Salt by Hendrix was ‘created by babes, for babes’ so you know it’s been made with you in mind. Created to feel luxe and pampering, their products have great reviews from influencers who love the feel and smell of them. Because many women are now switching to organic, this brand is natural and organic, so you can be sure they are kind to your skin.

Peppermayo is pleased to stock Salt by Hendrix, a brand which offers amazing skincare products from serums to skin oils. Browse the range below for easy shipping across Australia.